Aircraft Parts

The design goal for any Airflow Systems product is to offer best in class performance delivered in a simple, easy to install part. The parts shown in this section are designed to help experimental aircraft builders achieve maximum efficiency and performance more quickly and easily.

Oil Cooler Plenums (Ducts)

The oil cooler ducts shown here are an elegant answer to a problem frequently confronted by many aircraft builders; how to efficiently deliver cooling air to engine oil coolers.

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Oil Cooler Brackets

Airflow Systems oil cooler brackets and mounting hardware kits offer the homebuilder a quick and easy solution for firewall mounted

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Air Oil Separators

Over 1000 Slime Fighter air/oil separators are now flying worldwide. This unique design eliminates the requirement for

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Reducing engine operating temperatures is a frequent challenge faced by builders of experimental aircraft. Louvers from Airflow Systems offer

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