For the past 25 years Airflow Systems has cast aluminum parts of our own design to the aviation and motorsports markets. For the past 15 of those years we have also manufactured private label cast parts for the heavy duty truck industry. Parts range from suspension uprights for Formula Mazda race cars to intake manifolds for large 6 cylinder diesel/natural gas engines. We offer castings in 356 and 319 alloys in either “as cast” or fully machined condition. Innovative tooling approaches can often allow for cost effective small production runs.

Recently we have added cast iron products to our capability and can now supply cast and/or fully machined parts ranging from small water pump parts to small engine blocks. Turbocharger turbine housings are a specialty and we expect this to be a strong area of growth as the transportation industry increases its dependence on turbochargers for power and efficiency.

If you have a requirement for high quality castings made in North America in moderate volumes (up to 3000 units per year) please contact us with your requirements.

Made in the U.S.A.