Heavy Duty Engine Parts

Heavy Duty Diesel and Natural Gas Parts – Starting as an OEM supplier of cast aluminum valve covers for large diesel engines in 1998, Airflow Systems has since expanded their product line to include multiple cast iron, cast aluminum and machined billet parts for diesel engine OEMs and diesel/natural gas engine rebuilders. Parts range from intake manifolds to turbocharger housings and are available as raw castings or fully machined parts.

Specializing in parts with an annual volume of up to 3000 units, we can develop tooling for parts where drawings or original tooling is not available. We utilize rapid tooling and conventional pattern making to match cost and delivery times to customer requirements.

In special circumstances we may share tooling costs with our customers in return for shared marketing rights. Contact us with your proposal.

Valve Covers

We have delivered thousands of aluminum valve covers for heavy duty applications over the past 15 years. Typically our valve covers are delivered fully machined and ready to install but we will consider requests for “as cast” parts. High quality, no porosity parts made in the USA parts are available in annual quantities from 20 […]

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Turbo Housings

Cast iron turbo charger turbine housings are a specialty. These units may be ordered as cast or partially machined or fully machined offering the customer maximum flexibility. Very competitive pricing, on time delivery and strong customer support all contribute to the success of our customers.

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Intake Manifolds

Aluminum and cast iron intake manifolds are available. Either a sample or a drawing may be used for quoting. In some cases tooling costs may be amortized over a production run. Parts may be ordered in “as cast” form or fully machined ready to install. High quality, made in the USA parts avoids downtime and […]

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Exhaust Manifolds

Cast iron exhaust manifolds may be delivered as fully machined ready to install parts or sold in “as cast” form. We can make parts to existing drawings and when drawings are not available we can digitally document existing parts and develop tooling from those digital files. Single piece or multiple piece manifolds are within our […]

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Heavy duty engines were often shipped with pulleys made of cast iron which are prone to corrosion. On older engines the casting patterns for the pulleys specific to those engines have often been lost to wear and tear, damage or company ownership changes. Airflow Systems offers pulleys machined from appropriate alloy billets. They are inherently […]

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