Lancair Legacy
(ASAC-4300 / ASAC-4400)

glasair II air conditioningThe Lancair Legacy is available in two models, retractable and fixed gear, and Airflow Systems offers air conditioning kits for both models. Our high efficiency engine driven compressors deliver the maximum amount of cooling power with the least amount of energy expended. Our systems for both types of Legacy aircraft use our proprietary serpentine drive systems that avoid all of the issues found with V-belts.

The condenser is mounted in a low drag scoop on the belly of the aircraft. This provides multiple benefits; improved energy efficiency and lower weight by eliminating condenser fans, improved safety by eliminating the chance of exhaust gases getting the cabin, and avoids cutting large holes in the composite fuselage.

Kit Includes:

  • CNC machined aluminum compressor brackets (hard anodized)
  • New Serpentine Pulley
  • Evaporator w/ 3 speed fan (12 or 24 volt)
  • High efficiency compressor
  • Composite evaporator shelf
  • 4 high-flow vents
  • Receiver drier w/ mounts
  • Safety pressure switch
  • Belly scoop w/ condenser
  • Complete wiring kit w/ all terminals and connectors
  • All hoses, fittings, and belts
  • All hardware necessary for installation
  • Excellent customer support