About Us

Airflow Systems was established in 1987 as an aircraft heat exchanger manufacturer. From the beginning, our goal has been to develop products that are considered the “best in class” in both value and performance. Therefore, we have used a data-driven design for all of our products.

The data-driven design incorporates extensive testing into the design process. This is done prior to releasing a product to the marketplace to ensure the products are maximized for performance. For this reason, our products are not simply copies of existing parts.

We first applied the benefits of this approach when developing our line of FAA approved intercoolers for certified aircraft over 30 years ago. This type of rigorous test program often yields data which results in improved product design. This was the case when Airflow Systems obtained multiple FAA approvals for the most efficient intercoolers ever approved for retrofit installation on certified aircraft.

That same thorough test approach has been used by Airflow Systems to design its expanded line of products which now includes parts for certified and experimental aircraft and motorsports. This policy of rigorous testing combined with knowledgeable customer service yields a better all-around product experience for our customers.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and review our products.