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GDP Compliant Privacy Policy: Airflow Systems highly values the privacy rights of our customers and website viewers. We do not share, sell, or transfer any personal digital information. Outside resources, over which we have no control, that are utilized by our site are listed below. For additional privacy information please contact your preferred web browser company.

Contact Form
Data Used: The contact form submission data — IP address, user agent, name, email address, website, and message — is submitted to the Akismet service for the sole purpose of spam checking. The submission data is stored in the database of the site to which it was submitted (Airflow Systems) and is emailed directly to the site author who published the page on which the contact form resides. This email will include the submitter’s IP address, timestamp, name, email address, website, and message.
Data Synced: Post metadata associated with a user’s contact form submission. The IP address and user agent originally submitted with the contact request are synced as they are stored in post meta.

Mobile Theme
Data Used: A visitor’s preference of viewing the mobile version of a site.
Activity Tracked: A cookie (akm_mobile) is stored for 3.5 days to remember whether or not a visitor of the site wishes to view its mobile version.

Google Analytics
Data Used: Purchase events will send Google Analytics the following information: order number, product id and name, product category, total cost, and quantity of items purchased.
Activity Tracked: Page-to-view events are sent to Google Analytics for analysis. Additional events are also sent to Google Analytics: shopping cart additions and removals, product listing views and clicks, product detail views, and purchases. Tracking for each specific Shopify event needs to be enabled by the site owner.