Community Outreach

The founder of Airflow Systems is the beneficiary of a strong public education system, a system created by people that understood that education is the key to improving the lives of American citizens. That system has suffered in recent years when it moved away from training people in how to make useful things. As a company we feel it is important to help rebuild that system, so from time to time we teach manufacturing classes and we support other programs that teach students how complete unique projects while gaining useful hands on experience. Some of those projects are shown below.

Parking Lot Patrol

Car_Project_1Students from our first manufacturing processes class decided to enter a automobile efficiency contest sponsored by a local university. One student offered the use of a vintage formula V race car and the project was on. The body was heavily modified, carbon fiber wheel disks (including tooling) were made and enclosed canopy built all in less than 40 hours total time.

Transpacific Model Sailboats

Sail_Boat_1When a local ROP instructor started a class project that had the students building large scale model sailboats designed to sail from California to the South Pacific autonomously, Airflow Systems provided financial support and delivered other sponsors to help get the project to completion.

San Diego State University Engineering Dept.

SDSU_Intercooler_1SDSU engineering students under the direction of Dr. Jim Burns undertook, and completed, a technically sophisticated project creating a hybrid car from a standard vehicle supplied General Motors. When a high efficiency intercooler was required Dr. Burns contacted Airflow Systems which provided the cooler and consulting services. SDSU placed well in a nationwide competition against other universities with this vehicle.