Glasair II

  • Airflow Systems Air Conditioning Installations

The first Airflow Systems air conditioned Glasair II is now flying and undergoing testing in Texas as of January of 2013. Preliminary results are favorable and Glasair II owner Don Saint (famous for his air race efforts) has written an extensive and well documented report showing installation and performance. Anyone who has flown a low wing aircraft in Texas knows it is a great place to test AC!

Like all Airflow Systems AC kits this one offers the absolute lowest amperage draw while still providing the best possible cooling. The low drag (see report) scoop eliminates the need for a condenser fan with it’s attendant weight and electrical draw.

Kit Includes:

  • CNC machined aluminum compressor brackets (hard anodized)
  • New Serpentine Flywheel (exchange)
  • Evaporator w/ 3 speed fan (12 or 24 volt)
  • High efficiency compressor
  • Composite evaporator shelf
  • 4 high-flow vents
  • Receiver drier w/ mounts
  • Safety pressure switch
  • Belly scoop w/ condenser
  • Complete wiring kit w/ all terminals and connectors
  • All hoses, fittings, and belts
  • All hardware necessary for installation
  • Excellent customer support