• Vans RV-10 air conditioning
  • Vans RV-10 air conditioning
  • RV-10 aircraft air conditioning
  • Vans RV-10 air conditioning
  • Vans RV-10 air conditioning
  • Vans RV-10 air conditioning
  • vans RV-10 air conditioning

**Price increases March 31st, 2024. We have 5 units available at the current price. Order your kit before March 31st and save $800** – Call (949) 218-9701 to place an order.

The Airflow Systems air conditioning system installed in your RV-10 adds comfort and safety by reducing fatigue. Using technology proven over the past fifteen years on over 170 experimental aircraft, the Airflow Systems kit has been developed with the homebuilder in mind. Easy installation, before or after completion of the aircraft, is made possible by a design that does not require cutting large holes in your airframe.

The unique scoop and condenser combination has been shown in flight testing on multiple RV-10s to have only a zero to 1.5 knot speed penalty. Locating the condenser on the belly of the aircraft reduces the risk of exhaust gasses entering the cabin.

Detailed installation instructions with CAD drawings, photos and clearly labeled parts aid the installer in completing a successful installation. Specialized tools are available on loan from Airflow Systems to finish the job properly. 12 and 24 volt systems are available.

New MKIII Kit Includes:

  • *New for 2024* Updated high output evaporator/blower w/ 3 speed fan (12 or 24 volt)
  • CNC machined aluminum compressor brackets (hard anodized)
  • New Serpentine Flywheel
  • High efficiency compressor
  • Aluminum evaporator shelf
  • 2 high-flow bulkhead vents and options for any overhead duct on the market
  • Receiver drier w/ mounts
  • Safety pressure switch
  • Belly scoop w/ condenser
  • Complete wiring kit w/ all terminals and connectors
  • All hoses, fittings, and belts
  • All hardware necessary for installation
  • Excellent customer support