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Happy RV-10 Air Conditioning Customers!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Happy RV-10 Air Conditioning Customers

Australian RV-10 Builders are enjoying flying in the warm weather while staying cool with our latest version of the Airflow Systems RV-10 air conditioning system!
Whether you measure in degrees C or F,
we offer the lightest weight,
easiest to install, easiest to maintain,
most efficient A\C for your RV-10.

Installation Available.

Contact us to obtain free shipping
for a limited time.

RV-14 Air Conditioning Kits Are Now Available!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

We have several Rv-14 aircraft now flying with our Airflow-Systems Air Conditioning Kits, and we are taking new production positions! Please contact us for more details.

RV-14 featuring our RV-14 Airflow-Systems Air Conditioning System

RV-14 featuring our RV-14 Airflow-Systems Air Conditioning System

Rob Holland

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

One of our highest compliments is a repeat customer, especially within the world of competitive aerial sports. Rob Holland, the leading competitive aerial acrobat and world champion reached out to us recently and said:

I’m ready for “a New Oil Cooler [my current one] has over 1000 hours on it now (yes…I fly a lot!).  It has been awesome… and I would love to continue our relationships and keep telling everyone who will listen what great products Airflow Systems provide! Airshows and Competition Aerobatics is a brutal environment for the engine on my MXS-RH.  With over 1000 hours, the Airflow Systems 2008X oil cooler still delivers the oil temps that help my engine survive!”

Congrats to Rob and all his accomplishments. We wish you safe flights and are proud to be the supplier of your high-performance X-Series Oil Cooler. If you’d like to get your own X-Series oil cooler, call us and reference this add for free shipping on all consumer purchases of oil coolers. 949.218.9701 is the direct line for ordering, don’t wait, call today!


Rob Holland