Oil Coolers

X-Series Oil Coolers

The new X~Series oil coolers from Airflow Systems represent the first new aircraft oil cooler design in 50 years. The latest computer modeling techniques and real world flight testing have been used to develop new heat exchangers that deliver lower oil temperatures with no increase in oil cooler size or oil pressure drop.

Review of the chart located on the back of this sheet illustrates the dramatically improved heat rejection available from the X-Series oil coolers w hen compared to more expensive coolers from other manufacturers. Given that a Lycoming 540 pumps approximately 70 Ibs of oil per minute at cruise RPM, the improved performance of the X-Series over other coolers is significant.

The additional benefit of reduced aerodynamic drag offered by the X-Series is obtained through the use of a modern cooling airside fin configuration. Less cooling air is required to achieve the desired operating temperature, therefore fewer pounds of air must be brought on board the aircraft and then discharged overboard. This results in a small, but desirable, reduction in cooling drag.

The X-Series is designed as a direct replacement for popular oil coolers used in a wide variety of experimental aircraft, with oil cooler sizes appropriate for aircraft ranging from Cub replicas to Reno racers available. Installation is as simple as disconnecting the existing oil lines, unbolting the old cooler, and bolting in the new cooler using the original mounting holes. Filling the new cooler with oil and connecting the oil lines rewards you with better cooling and longer engine life.

The X-Series oil coolers are built to Airflow Systems design using certified aircraft oil cooler manufacturing processes by one of the largest certified aircraft oil cooler manufacturers in the United States. Each oil cooler is pressure tested at the factory prior to shipment.
Custom oil coolers and aircraft radiators for liquid cooled engines utilizing the new technology found in the X-Series oil coolers are also available for experimental aircraft, UAVs and certified aircraft. Please contact us with your requirements. OEM and dealer inquiries invited.

Made in the USA. Not yet FAA approved.