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RV-14 featuring our RV-14 Airflow-Systems Air Conditioning System

RV-14 featuring our RV-14 Airflow-Systems Air Conditioning System

With two Rv-14 aircraft now flying with our Airflow-Systems Air Conditioning Kits, and a third about to fly, we would like to announce that we are now taking production positions for 2018. Please contact us for more details.

RV-7 air conditioningAirflow Systems was the first to deliver a viable air conditioning system for composite kit aircraft in 1995 (Doug Whitman’s Lancair IV-P). During the intervening eighteen years, we have developed air conditioning kits for a wide range of experimental aircraft and a few certified aircraft as well. Airflow Systems now offers systems for almost all of the popular kit-built aircraft on the market.

Our air conditioning system kits have the following benefits:

  • The Lightest Weight
  • Lowest Electrical Draw
  • Easy to Install

They have been tested and proven to have the highest Btu rating per installed weight of any kit. Readily available R134A refrigerant is used, along with lightweight small outside diameter hose to facilitate routing through tight spaces. All systems use our proprietary serpentine belt compressor drives for maximum performance and long belt life.

Please take a few minutes to read our “Air Conditioning Design Considerations” document to better understand what comprises a successful air conditioning system for your aircraft.

Custom and OEM inquiries are welcomed.

For model specific air conditioning kit information contact us